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For complete protection while sleeping. 

Made with 100% Silver Fabric

Tested for 5G, up to 26 GHz, to block 99% of typical household radiation

Bed sheet available separately for under shielding if you do not sleep on the ground floor

 Comes with a grounding wire to completely reduce dirty electricity inside. 

Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised

Didnt look special when it came in the box and cheesy bag but after setting it up and connecting the grounding cord I was impressed to see my phone completely loses cell signal inside. Also my meters show that wifi signals are greatly reduced. I got the queen size and it covers my queen bed just fine. Actually looks classy over my bed, I open it up during the day and it looks like its more for decoration then anything else! Five stars.

Emma Downs
Emf canopy

The item hasn’t arrived yet and still waiting for the response off the seller. It was posted the day after I ordered though on the 30/5/23

Love it so far

I don't have an EMF reader but my phone 4g and wifi doesn't work inside of it so that's great. The canopy actually looks good. The esthetics are okay too.