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Can be worn for full protection while sleeping, using phone, or out in public.

Material is translucent. It can be seen through with slight difficulty.

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Jakob Jaskovic Abounassar
Very Happy

i wear it overnight, sleep has been so much better. too broke to afford the canopy but this is great for the meantime. even if its placebo idgaf , works for me

Great Product

As Frank explained already in his video, it doesn't block the radiation completly, so the effect isn't as potent as with the T-Shirt or underwear, but it's definitly worth it, because headaches get better and you can still breathe and see through it.

Matthew Gonano
I haven't received it yet

It's been 2 weeks and i haven't received my package. Nobody has gotten back to me about it and i also ordered faster shipping. What is going on

I sleep better and think more clearly, so it's worth it!

I'm in an apartment near tons of WiFi and was already wearing shielding tops/bottoms. I still couldn't sleep and was consistently anxious. Now, if I'm in my apartment and not on camera, I try to wear one of these as well (I wear the hat outside). I instantly feel better, fall asleep faster, am able to focus on tasks a bit more, and get more done.

This is basically a drawstring pouch that goes around your head. It's plenty large for my giant head.